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Direct mail postcard campaigns, coupon cutouts, retail marketing campaigns, restaurant marketing campaigns, thank you notes, miss you mailers, recipe cards, congratulation cards, short company introductions, advertising discounts or sales, event handouts, and so much more.


4 x 6 postcards are the smallest standard direct mail postcard size which means your design needs to stand out and your message needs to get straight to the point while still being enticing to generate a good response rate.

With very limited space, keep text and headlines to a minimum and only use around 1-3 images for the entire postcard design. Oftentimes, 4 x 6 direct mail postcards are used to build brand awareness and offer a discount code or coupon. This is ideal as the small canvas a 4×6 postcard offers, provides enough room for a short message, a call to action, an image or two, branded elements, contact information, and a coupon cut out or QR code.

Remember that for postcard mailing purposes, you need to include a 4×2.25 blank area on the back of the postcard for the mailing information. This is a large portion of the 4×6 postcard, so if your design begins to feel cramped, it’s a good idea to choose a larger postcard size like a 5×7 postcard. On the other hand, some marketers don’t use 4×6 postcards for direct mail campaigns at all. Instead, they take advantage of these small yet powerful postcards as handouts at events or trade shows.

If you’re planning to use a 4×6 postcard for a mailing campaign, take advantage of our free 4×6 postcard mailing template—which we have available in several formats above. Not only will our templates help you with laying out your entire design, but our 4×6 postcard templates include guides to help you create a design that is set up to print perfectly and aligns with the USPS design requirements.

If you need any assistance with your 4 x 6 postcard design or have questions about our 4 x 6 postcard mailing template, please call us at 800-707-9903 or visit our design services page to speak with one of our graphic designers today!


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